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EMAIL for Registration Information. 

New for 2016/2017:

NEW VOLUNTEER POLICY - PARENTS ARE TO VOLUNTEER 10 HOURS PER CHILD (not per family as previous seasons).  Click here for more information.

We welcome Jolene Davies, who will be our
Social Media Coordinator. Email Jo at if you have any suggestions.

Jersey and Volunteer Deposit Cheques will be collected at the team level, not during evaluations.

 We look forward to a great season.  Go Coyotes!

Thanks to our hard working Evaluation Team who have already put forth many hours to organize our Season Start Up.  These key volunteers will be present during all Evaluations.    

Our team is led by Daran Wood.

If you have questions or are unsure of your next ice time, contact your Coordinators.

Hockey Operations Daran Wood 
President Ron Visser
House League        
Crowfoot Rep - Lynne
Timbits Kelly Blacklaws, Tania Tyson 
Novice  Tiffiny Yip, Christina French
Atom Cathy Courage, Jan Rodak
PeeWee Heather Ford, Tim Rau 
Bantam Gerard Stang, Chris Hall 
Midget Dave Harms, Patty Munson, Rod Smith 
Coach  - Bantam/Midget John Shypitka

Coach - PeeWee Travis Thompson 
Coach - Atom Steve Dowler 
Coach - Novice/Timbits Ryan Williams, Paul Sykes

Goalie   Tricia Gillis, Dave Harms

Posted on Thu, Sep 01, 2016

Hockey Calgary Program Changes

The Hockey Calgary Operations Committee has voted to make a couple significant changes

to our programs for the upcoming 2016-17 season.

They are as follows:

-        Pilot a new Atom League Structure

-        Maintain Non-Body Checking in Bantam Division 4 & below

-        Pilot Non-Body Checking in Midget Division 5 & below

Click here for Atom League Structure Information.

Click here for Atom League FAQs.

Click here for the Body Checking Decision Announcement.

Posted on Thu, May 19, 2016

Crowfoot Coyotes

Crowfoot Members, this is our new logo.

Thanks to Danette Taylor-Berkley for designing this for us.  

Posted on Fri, Apr 22, 2016

Body Checking and Bantam

Hockey Calgary has announced that Body Checking

 has been removed from Bantam Divisions 4 and lower.

Click Here for Statement from Hockey Calgary

Bantam Players will be asked with their online registration if they wish to try out for Body Checking or Non-Body Checking divisons. 

The number of teams that Crowfoot registers in the body checking and non-body checking divisions will depend on the total number of players registered for bantam. Please note: if you are not successful in your bid for our checking teams you will be playing in a non-body checking division.  Your interest to try out for a body checking team does not guarantee a spot on these teams. However, players can opt into a non-body checking team and will be guaranteed a roster placement.
This is a great opportunity for bantam players who do not want a league with body checking but wanted to stay with Crowfoot. More information will follow, including options for players with a Div 1-3 skill level who prefer not to play body checking hockey.

Posted on Thu, Jun 04, 2015